sbcgujarat June 28, 2019

Baha’i Bhavan, Ahwa – 23 June 2019
The State Baha’i Council of Gujarat, organized this gathering on Sunday 23 June 2019 at Baha’i Bhavan, Ahwa. The gathering was organized with the purpose, how can a Bahai couple understand their roles and help each other grow spiritually as well as in materialistic terms, how can they help in cultivating families which shall play an important role in the community building process. How their homes can be a center of service and core activities. Briefly, the subjects that were discussed were What is Bahai Marriage? How the law of Marriage is a unique institution given by Bahaullah? What potential does it hold in this world and other worlds of God?Few questions which came up during the gathering were, how can one partner try and make efforts to get support from their non-Bahai partner in the path of service. How can they live a Bahai Life? What efforts are being made by the participants to help each other on the path of service?Materials used were, ‘Thoughts on Marriage’ by Margaret Ruhe, Holy Writings based on Bahai Marriage. Plans emerged in starting core activities, as for many couples starting a core activity by themselves was for the very time and also helping each other to conduct was inspirational learning that most of the couples took from this gathering.Around 100 to 110 believers participated in the gathering were approximately 49 couples participated and rest were youths who took part in the deepening as well as extended their service for smooth conduct of the gathering.