A six-day Regional Reflection Seminar for BCC Teachers was conducted at Navyug Vidhyamandir, Bhisya-Ahwa in Gujarat concluded successfully with immense joy opening numerous doors of opportunity for embracing large numbers. A total of 46 participants were empowered by the intense study sessions, searching consultations, reflections on the laws of the Most Holy Book, recollection of stories of the heroic life of early believers of the Faith, and insightful home visits systematically planned to assist the flow of some 65 Bahá’í Children’s Classes in this group of clusters to Grade 2 by the end of July 2018, and establish 40+ new Grade 1 classes this summer. The seminar was conducted by Counsellor Mr. Rajan Sawant who based on his motivational instincts helped the participants gain valuable insights and put them into practice to conduct Bahá’í Children’s Classes with enthusiasm and joy for them as well the children.