Last month from November 23-26 Mr. Jamshed and Mrs. Shuokirtini Ardjamondi had visited the believers of Gujarat at various locations conducting virtual tours of the Holy Land. There are many believers of the Faith who because of financial, social or language barriers cannot travel to the Holy Land. To help such people and those who are willing to go visit the Holy place, Mr. and Mrs. Ardjamondi travel across the globe and provide them a virtual tour especially describing from the day when Baha’u’llah stepped his foot in Akka’s prison to various events during the life of the Guardian through powerpoint presentations.

As a blessing from the National Spiritual Assembly of India, the couple visited Ahmedabad, Silvassa, Umarkuyi, Nanapada and Ahwa where more than 250 people had gathered and got the privilege to talk with them and learn more about the Holy Land. They tried to present the important events starting from the prison of Akka to the establishment of the Universal House of Justice in a beautiful manner. The State Baha’i Council of Gujarat is thankful for their visit and hopes that they must have inspired many to visit the Holy Land in coming future.